TP ICAP brand identity

The acquisition of ICAP by Tullett Prebon created the world's largest interdealer broker, TP ICAP. As a global firm of professional intermediaries, they play a pivotal role in the world's financial, energy and commodities market. A brand needed to be created that attracted new talent and reflected their position as pioneers within their industry.

Coming in to work with Handsome after their initial creation of a logo and theme of keeping ‘markets in motion’, I worked on developing a brand for them. This included:

  • Creation of an imagery style and graphic brand language,
  • Brand guidelines,
  • The conceptualisation and creation of a brand film,
  • Advertising, posters and a website, 
  • Environmental graphics for their offices and even a range of taxi liveries. 

Completed under creative direction at / intellectual property of Handsome

Brand film

Branded London taxis

Branded London taxis

Environmental graphics

TP ICAP_site_visit_130117_24.jpg
TP ICAP_site_visit_130117_18.jpg